The New It Bag Holds One AirPod

There was a time when handbags required the entire five-fingers to hold it in place, but not anymore. Come this fall, pinching is the new way to grip your handbag, and that’s because Simon Porte’s minuscule Jacquemus Le Chiquito is smaller than you can imagine.

At the just-concluded Fashion Week Porte showed Jacquemus’ autumn/winter collection. The collection named Collectionneuse, it consists of high-neck turtlenecks, loosely-buttoned blazers, cool varying length of summer dresses, and a distinct palette of hot yellow, blue, green, white, and pink.

In regards to accessories, Porte kept true to his micro bags, while playing around the oversize bag trend along with a massive pink tote. A new model of the Le Chiquito bag was given as an invitation to insiders and editors to the show. Models didn’t waste time in picking the tiny accessory.

Jacquemus’ small bag trend had an interesting and intriguing feel to it. The bag looks ideal for the runway, but given the size, most folks doubt if it would work outside of the runway, given the share number of items, ladies keep in their bags.

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