Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations Continue With The RL50 Bag Launch

The RL50 handbag, which was birthed to celebrate Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, perfectly encapsulates the designer’s enduring style. Celebrities all over the world have wasted no time, wearing the bags on their arms.

The RL50 handbag combines unique leather craftsmanship, and equestrian details, which is symbolic of the brand’s heritage. It is tailored for the modern woman.

RL50 handbag gets its inspiration from Lauren’s vintage travel bag. The bag is highly functional, with unique characteristics, and appeal. The handbag comes in four unique sizes; mini, medium, large, and oversized. It also has an array of flexible materials like alligator, calfskin and so on, that suits different tastes and lifestyles. There are lots of color choices to pick from, so, woman, can select the option that matches their tone and personality.

“I had a dream fifty years ago,” said Lauren at the golden jubilee anniversary of his business. “I didn’t see it as fashion, but rather, building an enduring style that people will come to love and adore.” The RL50 bag exemplifies the core values of the brand. The bag is truly iconic in every way, and no wonder it fits women of all ages.

The RL50 bag is already flooding the streets of Paris, London, and New York. Celebrities and influencers like Caro Daur, Priyanka Chopra, and Gala Gonzalez are showcasing it. The RL50 bag is made for everyone, and it fits different occasions and styles. You can grab yours now at, or specific Ralph Lauren global flagships.

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