Alexander Wang x Uniqlo Will Save Us From Summer’s Heatwave

With insane temperature rise observed in the last couple of weeks, layering is no longer an option. The warm temperatures mean winter is behind us. The great news to come out of that is that Japanese brand Uniqlo is embracing a breathable fabric AIRism this season while leaving behind its Heattech technology. Alexander Wang is the designer handling the release.

The AIRism collection contains a series of light base layers that are adaptable to the different types of weather condition, and they are able to do this by releasing moisture and heat when necessary. Wang gave a glimpse of this new selection on Instagram with specific photos and videos to tease what is to come.

Alexander Wang x Uniqlo will have an extensive series of stylish colors ranging from pastels, to nude, white and black. The collection will include pieces like camis, midriff long-sleeved tops, along with biker shorts and leggings.

In a statement released by Uniqlo, Wan said “Coming together to attain a common is much easier this time around. We’ve always strived to be innovative in our creative process and design, and this forms the basis of how we carry out our work. It is this continuous pursuit for innovation that has brought about the special AIRism collection.”

You can get the Alexander Wang x Uniqlo online and in stores as from the 11th of April.

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