Gucci Puts on a Mask

On the heels of Gucci’s recent controversy over a balaclava sweater, one could say that hiding its models behind a mask may not have been the wisest idea for the brand. But these decisions are made months and months in advance (controversy or not) and in the notes for the brand’s fall 2019 show the company explains, “the mask, in fact, lets us show ourselves as we please and play our acting role as we think is best.” A mask can hide indiscretions, allow people to present as they see fit, or even distract. “It’s the possibility to choose how to exercise our freedom to show ourselves through a powerful filter that constantly selects what we want to share about us and what we want to conceal instead,” the notes continued.

Some were creepy, reminiscent of Friday the 13th.

Gucci x Jason Vorhees is coming for you.

Others ventured into kink shop territory, heavily decorated in metal spikes. One in particular played well with a flapper dress we could easily picture on Dakota Johnson.

Evening wear on Saint Marks.

Beyond masks, the collection was reliably Gucci, complete with Alessandro Michele’s signature eccentricity. Case in point: Gucci-fied knee pads and shin guards.

When you have soccer practice at 3 and roller disco at 9.


Forget multiple ear piercings, it’s all about the full gilded ear.

A golden earful.

Still, some of the runway looks were more subdued. Suits were tucked, tailored, and cut in muted neutrals, highlighting Michele’s amazing attention to detail. True to his more is more philosophy, the looks were a plenty (close to 90 in total), but this collection is also a study in what happens with Michele becomes more tame in his design.



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