Seed Oil Is the Secret Ingredient Missing From Your Hair Care Routine

We’re all looking to make our hair care regimen cleaner and greener without sacrificing the things that make hair care feel luxurious and relaxing. And Seed Phytonutrients, the sustainable beauty brand, is making that very easy to do — and with a hair care superstar ingredient, to boot. The brand just released four new clean beauty collections for hair, each with a special type of seed oil ingredient catering to each hair type’s needs.

Seed Phytonutrients was launched under big beauty brand L’Oréal Paris, but the farm-to-bottle beauty brand has a dedicated focus on organic ingredients from family-run farms that harvest their own produce. The new hair care range includes a moisture collection, a volume collection, an anti-frizz collection and a color care collection.

A Formula-Forward Approach
Seed Phytonutrients was established on the premise that there is an organic seed oil that can nourish your strands, regardless of your hair type, color, length, density or hair problems. Organic meadowfoam seed oil is an ingredient you’ll find in some of the brand’s shampoos. It has intensely hydrating benefits and is packed with rich nutrients for long-lasting moisture to keep hair healthy.
Seed Phytonutrients
Moisture Shampoo, $24 at Sephora
Can a practical item like shampoo make you feel like you’re at the spa? Yes, according to the brand’s Instagram: “With our Moisture Collection, you’ll experience a soft and intimate aroma with notes of black tea, ginger and a hint of bergamot — all sitting on warm and comforting base of patchouli, golden amber, cedarleaf and vanilla.”
Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Leave-In Treatment, $26 at Sephora The leave-in product works on all hair types and is aims to provide moisture to frizzy and dead hair. It has chestnut extracts, shea and mango butters and, of course, organic meadowfoam seed oil. It also protects hair against sun damage.
Green Packaging
Not only are Seed Phytonutrients’ bottles made of compostable paper, they’re also made of post-consumer recycled paper. You might also find easy-to-grow varieties of seeds in each bottle, which you can plant in a garden of your own.

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